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This is a beneficial and valuable resource for all tourism students. In this book, Dr Sunny Stout-Rostron examines real-world experience and the contemporary literature on group and team coaching. She analyses how team coaching can guide coaches to help leaders and teams flourish in complex, culturally diverse organisations. As well as presenting a variety of team coaching models she also presents her own model, High-Performance Relationship Coaching, the result of many years of working with global corporate teams.

Dr Stout-Rostron illuminates how team coaches can help teams to learn from and interpret their own experiences, and to understand the complexity of the environment in which they work. Her team coaching model is explored over eight chapters, beginning with the role of the business team coach and leadership coaching processes. She evaluates how to work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how to shift culture through transformative leadership coaching, explains the depth of relationship systems coaching, and explores how to apply a variety of methods including Ubuntu coaching.

The book encourages team coaches to develop deep self-awareness, team awareness, cultural diversity awareness and wider systemic and relationship awareness. Filled with practical stories and examples, it describes how to work successfully with these models in the real world. This is essential reading for all team coaches.

Students are introduced to the need for such activities, the methods for carrying out evaluations, and the essential steps in organizing findings into reports.

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The text focuses on the work of people who are closely associated with the service to be evaluated, and is designed to help program planners, developers, and evaluators to work with program staff members who might be threatened by program evaluation. The volume connects differing schools of thought, bringing together theoretical and empirical investigations, and defines a field that is becoming increasingly important and prominent.

It offers an international orientation, as the field of political public relations must be studied in the context of various political and communication systems to be fully understood.

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As a singular contribution to scholarship in public relations and political communication, this work fills a significant gap in the existing literature, and is certain to influence future theory and research. How Audiences Decide: A Cognitive Approach to Business Communication is a comprehensive introduction to persuasive communication in the context of business.

The extensively revised second edition of Issues in Cultural Tourism Studies provides a new framework for analyzing the complexity of cultural tourism and its increasing globalization in existing as well as emergent destinations of the world. This is a beneficial and valuable resource for all Tourism students. Political Marketing is the first comprehensive textbook to focus on political marketing, and introduces students to how candidates, parties, elected officials and governments around the world utilise marketing concepts and tools win elections and remain in office.


Drawing on the latest theoretical work and providing the broadest collation of international political marketing research available, this text: examines a wide range of political marketing topics including the rise of the political consumer, market intelligence and segmentation, opposition research, e-marketing, direct mail, market-orientation and strategy, internal marketing, product re-development, branding, local political marketing, marketing in government, delivery and global knowledge transfer analyses the implications of political marketing for democracy - are we happy to be 'citizen-consumers'?

Presented in clear and engaging style, this textbook offers sophisticated understanding of this exciting new area. Written by a leading expert in the field, it is essential reading for all students of political marketing, parties and elections and comparative politics. David N.


Weil, one of the top researchers in economic growth, introduces students to the latest theoretical tools, data, and insights underlying this pivotal question. By showing how empirical data relate to new and old theoretical ideas, Economic Growth provides students with a complete introduction to the discipline and the latest research. With its comprehensive and flexible organization, Economic Growth is ideal for a wide array of courses, including undergraduate and graduate courses in economic growth, economic development, macro theory, applied econometrics, and development studies.

Ehrenberg, Robert S. It offers a thorough overview of the modern theory of labor market behavior, and reveals how this theory is used to analyze public policy. Designed for students who may not have extensive backgrounds in economics, the text balances theoretical coverage with examples of practical applications that allow students to see concepts in action. Experienced educators for nearly four decades, co-authors Ehrenberg and Smith believe that showing students the social implications of the concepts discussed in the course will enhance their motivation to learn.

As such, this text presents numerous examples of policy decisions that have been affected by the ever-shifting labor market. This new edition continues to offer: a balance of relevant, contemporary examples; coverage of the current economic climate; introduction to basic methodological techniques and problems; tools for review and further study. In addition to providing updated data and examples throughout, the thirteenth edition offers greater coverage of inequality, healthcare policy, and labor-replacing technologies. The text is also supported by a full range of companion online materials.

Norton, Jeffrey Alwang, William A. In recent years, agriculture has once again returned to a position of centre stage as food price volatility has led countries to re-examine their development strategies. This new edition of the essential textbook in the field builds on the original and reflects the following developments:. The book contains a wealth of real world case studies and is now accompanied by a website that includes powerpoint lectures, a photo bank and a large set of discussion and exam questions.

Residential Real Estate introduces readers to the economic fundamentals and emerging issues in housing markets. The book investigates housing market issues within local, regional, national and international contexts in order to provide students with an understanding of the economic principles that underpin residential property markets. Key topics covered include: Location choice in urban areas Housing supply and demand Housing finance and housing as an asset class Demographic shifts and implications for housing Sustainable homes and digitalisation in housing Drawing on market-level information, readers are encouraged to recognise the supply and demand drivers and modelling of dynamic housing markets at various spatial scales and the implications of trends within an urban and regional context, e.

With research-based discussions and coverage of relevant literature, this is an ideal textbook for students of residential real estate, property and related business studies courses at UG and PG levels, as well as a reference book with research topics for researchers. This book will also be of interest to professionals and policymakers. Taking a 'process' approach, it provides the reader with an essential understanding of the purpose, policies and processes concerned with managing an enterprise's workforce within the current business and social environment.

Forty Years Ago in a Little Town in Vermont - Coordination Problem

Since the eighth edition of this book there have been many important developments in this field and this ninth edition has been completely revised and updated in the following ways: Extensively updated content to reflect recent issues and trends including: labour markets and industry structure, impacts of IT and social media, growth of international multi - unit brands, role of employer branding, talent management, equal opportunities and managing diversity.

An extended case study drawing from the authors' experience working with Forte and Co. This book brings together a range of applied studies, covering a range of international and regional experience in the area of finance in the context of the global downturn. The volume includes an exploration of the impact of the crisis on capital markets, and how corporate stakeholders need to be more aware of the decision-making processes followed by corporate executives, as well as an analysis of the policy changes instituted by the Fed and their effects. Fullarton, John.

On the Regulation of Currencies, being an examination of the principles on which it is proposed to restrict, within certain fixed limits, the future issues on credit of the Bank of England and of the other banking establishments throughout the country, 2nd rev. London: John Murray. Glasner, David. Free Banking and Monetary Reform. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Hayek, Friedrich A.

Money and Markets: Essays in Honor of Leland B. Yeager

Against Fiduciary Media. Hoppe, Hans-Hermann. Mark Skousen: — How is Fiat Money Possible? Review of Austrian Economics 7 2 : Horwitz, Steven. Boulder, CO: Westview Press. Journal of the History of Economic Thought 18 2 : Microfoundations and Macroeconomics: An Austrian Perspective. New York: Routledge.

Horwitz, Steven Yeager, ed. Roger Koppl, pp.

London: Routledge. Howden, David. Review of Austrian Economics. Free Banking and the Free Bankers. Review of Austrian Economics 9 1 : Toward a General Theory of Error Cycles. Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics 1 4 : Optimal Monetary Policy. Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics 6 4 : The Ethics of Money Production. Auburn, AL. Money, Bank Credit and Economic Cycles, trans.

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