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To ask other readers questions about Fork in the Road Be the first to ask a question about Fork in the Road Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Nov 14, Leslie rated it liked it Shelves: humor. Reading these essays I was surprised to find how much I had in common with the author. I have lived in a Victorian, been married to a Nuclear Power worker who worked shift work, slept in waterbed and live in PA where we can't buy beer in any normal way.

Some of the stories are funny. Not Erma Bombeck or Laurie Notaro funny but picnic or water cooler funny. Apr 07, Brad rated it liked it. Some funny stories This is a book of short anecdotes.

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Some of them are cute and some are funny but none of them truly made me laugh out loud. That is not to say they didn't make me smile. Aug 24, Karla rated it it was ok. Fun to read from an "I live in Pittsburgh too" perspective, but I just couldn't get into the essays. While I did chuckle a few times, overall it felt like the humor attempts were forced.

Jan 19, Sandy Samuel rated it it was amazing.

See a Problem?

At ways what most of us are thinking. She is hilarious! She talks about situations we all face and finds the humor in them. About Linda M. Linda M. Books by Linda M.

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Trivia About Fork in the Road No trivia or quizzes yet. Take one step further and a whole new challenge appears on the horizon. These are foreseen challenges. There could be other unknown unknowns further down the road. This article looks at some of the challenges the Blockchain faces today and will likely face in the future.

No matter what the future looks like, it is going to be a very interesting and perhaps life changing journey. The biggest threats to nascent technologies are newer technologies that force these new technologies to adapt or risk obsolescence. Take the case of Virtual Reality VR as a technology. VR has come a long way from being the stuff of science fiction to its entry into the living rooms of millions of homes.

It simply overlays digital world on the real world. The least obtrusive, then, would be to put a chip in the brain but the thought of an implant can send shivers down the spines of many. However, the thing to remember is that we live in a world where. Our ultimate quest is to recreate the universe as we see it in human terms. Call it the madness of a scientist or the noblest of pursuits, that is how we roll. What makes Bitcoin truly unique is the way it came into being.

Many revolutionary technologies originate in the military or in the private sector. Bitcoin, in a way, originated completely on the internet due to the efforts of many developers some known, others like Satoshi Nakamoto unknown still and enthusiasts across the world. This is long distance collaboration at its best.

Deletionists, inclusionists and delusionists

Increasingly, there seems to be a decentralization in the process of creating new technologies. People across the world, powered by democratized tools of development, can collaborate and create new applications with exponential impact. Another example is the Ethereum Blockchain. While the Ethereum Foundation Stiftung Ethereum is based in Zug, Switzerland and plays a central role in the development of the Ethereum Blockchain, developers creating applications for the Blockchain are spread across the globe.

Even the Ethereum miners are spread all over the world. The Blockchain therefore represents a paradigm shift in developing fault tolerant technologies. Founded by Joe Lubin in , Consensys is developing a plethora of software services and applications ranging from GroupGnosis which is a prediction market platform to Ujo music platform which creates a platform that uses blockchain technology to create a transparent and decentralized database of rights and rights owners, automating royalty payments using smart contracts and cryptocurrency source: Ujo music.

However, it is not always smooth sailing.

Is the fork the most useless tile in River II? | Carcassonne: The River II | BoardGameGeek

In fact, it is anything but smooth sailing. Despite a lot of investment flowing into the Blockchain, it is still far away from mainstream adoption. Bitcoin Blockchain is banking on the Lightning Network the second layer solution which is a network that sits on top of the main Bitcoin Blockchain which can handle a lot of transactions and only post the net result to the main Bitcoin Blockchain.

The Ethereum community is also contemplating different ways of overcoming scalability including moving to a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism and Sharding.

The fork in the road

Each shard processes a specific set of transactions in effect creating parallel processors within the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Another factor to consider is centralization of computing power. Challenges such as scalability are only the starting point in the evolution of the Blockchain.

People always say Blockchain is reshaping the technology landscape. The truth is a little different:. Blockchain is both reshaping and is being reshaped by the technological landscape.

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  • On the other hand, the Blockchain has also witnessed an exponential increase in computing power along with the resultant electricity consumption and pollution. In this case, for example, for Bitcoin mining. This tremendous amount of computing power is required because Bitcoin and Ethereum operate on a Proof of Work method which means every node processes every transaction.

    Nicholas Carr's blog

    Also, the processing becomes progressively harder as the consensus algorithm is designed to maintain asymmetry i. One of the ways to beat this problem is to use Quantum computing.