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So I left the historic Central Station building- well decorated, even at night, and decided to take a look. Two minutes later, thanks to my bike companion Galloping Gertie, I was at the first stop at the market: Nikolaikirchhof, where two rows of huts and lots of space to explore can be found next to the church. While rows of huts have mainly eateries and some items traditional of the German Christmas markets, such as candles, Christmas pyramids, hand-made clothing, etc. The St. Nicholas Church, built in but rebuilt in the 17th and 18th Centuries, was the site of the famous Monday demonstrations, which took place from , until the Wall fell on 9 November, The demonstrations continued beyond that until the two Germanys were reunited on 3 October, Before going further, the Leipzig Christmas market is perhaps one of the most centrally located markets in Germany.

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It features five markets located inside the ring that surrounds the city center. A map of the market provides you with a background on how centralized the market is click here. If one was to walk through all of the markets from north to south, or even east to west, without even stopping at any of the stands, one would need at the very most an hour.

acb9 cimainas.duckdns.org 6 Kaninbyen by Arild Rein

But when you see booths, like this one- an original incense oven where the incense cone in a pan is warmed up with a tea light, coming from the Ore Mountain region- it would be a sin to not visit them. While one may find them at smaller Christmas markets in the Ore Mountain region, the Huss stand on Peterstrasse, which sells incense ovens and candles, is one that is a must-see. You can find more episodes here. But of course, it is along the same street where one can find the St. Marienthal booth, where one can purchase a local microbrew and other local goods, with proceeds going to the church and its activities.

A German-American-Multicultural online column

The microbrew comes in regular and dark, both having a rather herbal taste. Going north, to the market at Marktplatz, one can assume that with the setting: a Christmas tree with a manger set with rows of huts with unifor colors of acorn brown in front of the town hall, the scenery is typical of the Christmas market in Germany.

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This part of the market in Leipzig is not only the fanciest in terms of design but also the most multi-cultural and perhaps the healthiest and most natural of the markets in the city. Fanciest because of the huts being decorated with garland, connected with green arch settings making it look like a person was walking through a green tunnel looking at finest products.

But the multi-cultural part comes from the various stands selling goods originating from France, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Ukraine, Iceland, Scandanavia and parts of Africa. Much of which has to do with food, such as fudge, licorice or even the Galette- a cross between La Croque Madame and Crepes. Made of buckwheat dough, one can choose his topping, such as eggs, rucola, cheese or other vegetables, before folding the crepes dough into four corners as seen below:. The French saleswoman, knowing that I was American by my accent and that I was a writer, convinced me to try it. All I can say is, healthy and highly recommended if one digs French specialties and healthy foods.

Nor does it only refer to the fruit and vegetable stand. It refers to the organic and home-grown products. This is where Fairgourmet comes in. Located on the northwest side of the market, Fairgourmet has its headquarters in the western suburb of Leipzig, but its main focus is selling only products produced locally. This includes a wide selection of spices and beverages. However their specialty is selling the unknown products that one normally does not see at other markets.

This includes stollen in a glass jar, jams with bergamot and quitten flavors, and even bread spreads with various vegetables, such as red beet, orange and pepper, shalotte, pumpkin and ginger, or even parsley, apple and mustard.

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One will not see these spreads on the table during a traditional German cold-plate dinner, but they are worth a try- and a perfect gift idea. The lone caveat with this market is its narrowness of the rows going between the huts, thus making it difficult to look at the places at night because of the mass of people.

This is speaking from experience visiting the market both in the afternoon as well as the evening of the same day. Therefore, it is recommended to see the market and shop for the product in the daytime to keep the flow going. If compared with the other sections, especially the one at Augustusplatz, the one at Markt is probably the crowdest at night, except at the eastern entrance where the tree and manger set are located.

There one can find a nearly life-size set made of metal, with the depiction of the birth of Jesus Christ, all under the Christmas.


It is a site to see, even among the children. One stand in particular that sells this is one located in Zschopau, where local Baumkuchen of many types and size can be found there. Finally, there is the largest of the five markets- Augustusplatz, where a combination of amusement, fairy tales from the Grimm Brothers, and Finnish folklore meet, providing entertainment for visitors of all ages.

Featuring the largest Ferris Wheel at the market, Augustusplatz has a great background setting, as the market is in front of the Opera House. One can see the market from the opposite end of the market along Grimmaische Strasse. It may take 10 minutes by foot, but the stay is well worth it. Inspite of the maze of historic architecture the city center features, the Christmas market in Leipzig combines localities, history, culture and delicious delicacies, into one, placing them all inside the ring and making them really accessible.

It is a market that is pleasing to the tourists because of rows of huts against the backdrop of historic buildings, and from my visit, very convenient to get to. Everything that is typical of the city is inside the ring encircling the city center, thus making the market the place to see.

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  • A word of advice to the next traveler passing through Leipzig having a long layover: If you have an hour to spare, visit the city and its historic city center. Believe me, an hour layover in Leipzig exploring the city center is better than waiting at the train station. Information on the new line can be found in the Newsflyer here.

    The author would like to thank the crew at the newspaper Leipziger Glocal for providing some further tips regarding places to visit at the Leipzig Christmas market. To subscribe to the Glocal for further news coverage in and around Leipzig in the English language, click here. More here and you can subscribe as well. Apart from the architectural scene, one can look at the art scene in Leipzig by clicking here. Click here to have a look. While one may find them at smaller Christmas markets in the Ore Mountain regions, the Huss stand on Peterstrasse, which sells incense ovens and candles, is one that is a must-see.

    Nor odes it only refer to the fruit and vegetable stand. This blog is the result of an idea that's in my head for already quite a time. I love languages, cultures, travel and lifestyle topics and would like to write articles about interesting topics related to these topics. This blog is more a project that I start for myself.

    Of course, I will be happy if my content is also a valuable source for others, so that we can share our ideas and experiences. Altes Rathaus Old Town Hall. Gotha Railway Station with its bland modernized facade and dilapidated columns at Bahnhofsplatz Inside Gotha Railway Station with scenes from the s. Plus a quarter of the buildings in the city may appear run down, like this former publishing house: The Printing and Publishing House on Lutherstrasse.

    Hauptmarkt Guess again! And even a gallery with the displays of all the Tulip Festival dresses and a hall of fame of all the queens are a treat to see. We were welcomed with Christmas trees in the majority of the houses and buildings on display. One can see the rooms and exhibits pertaining to their lives and the history of Pella. While the house and the gardens are best seen in the spring time during the Tulip Festival as well as during the summer, the house itself has a wide display of 15 Christmas trees to see, each one has its own taste and history.

    While we saw the house but not the display because it was closed, a columnist visiting the house at Christmas time found the displays very impressive. Yet with the holiday season one should look at expanding their opening hours to include weekends and more days in the week instead of only one day a week. But in either case, the house has maintained its original form and is impressive even from the business district. They are excellent to take home for the holidays to share with family and friends, as we did just that.

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    Market Square: Behind the Jaarsma Bakery is the Market Square, one of the most modern places in Iowa and one that mimics a Dutch setting, with its famous red brick buildings and Dutch facade. The square is the central point of entertainment, as the Opera House, the Cinnema, The Amsterdam Hotel and Conference Center and the Pella Showroom are all located in one block, divided by a man-made canal that is crossed by a double-leaf bascule bridge, typical of the bridges in the Netherlands.

    While the square is laden with flowers and other floral decorations, it would be a perfect place for a Christmas market, if city officials are willing to at least experiment with it. As Christmas markets are popular in Germany, France and the Netherlands, the city can benefit from having one at least for a couple week end s during the holiday season. After a few hours in Pella, it was time for us to move on, but not before collecting some thoughts and recollections on the city and its settings around Christmas time.

    Although Pella does have a lot to offer for Christmas events and places to visit during the holiday season, it is clear that the Dutch community is more focused on the Tulip Festival and other events in the summer months, which means the holiday events are like the ones in an American town: light festivals, music concerts in churches and shopping.

    But can you imagine what Pella would look like if they had a Christmas market in the Market Square and Public Gardens and events similar to what the Dutch have at home in the Netherlands? Could you imagine how Pella would stand out among the rest of the communities in Iowa during the holiday season? And can you imagine how it would be a big of a magnet for tourists? More on the bridges here:.


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    Bridges at Red Rock Lake. Old Hwy. Pella Bascule Bridge.